I love wearing my panties for you.. Heres why…

I was very blessed to come across a friends profile where he had some specific pictures that straight away got me going, so this blog is in aid of him and anyone new coming to my blog, its important that you know the woman wearing for you enjoys what she does.. I’d like to think i go the extra mile with all my customers, but equally, my customers always go the extra mile with me… I get spoiled by my men as they know exactly how to treat me.

For me, its no secret that i have always loved to see my buyers wearing my items, wether it be on their face, in their mouth, or around their beautiful cocks.

There is nothing whorish about it, i find it so erotic. Everytime i get a picture from a buyer with them wearing my panties or seeing their cock rock hard with my panties wrapped over them, my pussy instantly starts to tingle, and i can feel my pussy clench at the idea of feeling him inside me.. I love the idea of knowing a guy recieves a pair of panties i have been wearing where its been rubbing up against my pussy collecting all my jucies, especially if he has requested i masturbate in them and get them really wet for him, so that when he gets them and rubs his cock along the gusset, its almost like his rubbing his cock against my pussy lips teasing me..

the idea that you wrap them around your cock to jack off is like you being inside me fucking me with that cock of yours, when you bring them to your lips to taste me, its like your licking my pussy lips, tasting the jucies that you have created because im so excited and wet for you… seeing your hard cock react to the smell, the taste..just.. everything… actually makes me so horny and i just LOVE sharing that experience with my buyers.

Im not a seller that just asks you to pick a pair and wam bam thankyou mam. I love to interact with my buyers, Let them into my world and make sure that they have an amazing time with my items, and an amazing experience with me in the hopes of doing it again…and again…and again :)

So thankyou to all my lovely buyers who often treat me with pictures of them in MY panties. You are always keeping me wet and wild ready for the next pair I wear for you :)


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