I was very lucky to be asked by a lovely man if I could wear some panties for 7 days, now with that came several masturbations and stuffings, and I went to the gym in them twice.

Words really really can’t describe my Musk that came from these. To all my subscribers and previous customers, you can of course guess after smelling my panties for yourself, that these were nothing less then pure perfection. The picture does them no justice. The thought thatย  Rob is going to get these and just have this strong scent of my pussy whaft out of the jiffy bag, something so powerful and smelly shouldn’t exist ๐Ÿ˜› Just picturing him engulf his face in them and breath deep do the point where he has to take them away for actual air. Having him lick them and suck them and tasting all my goodness and the wetness of where my pussy once rubbed up on, around his cock as if i were right there with him, willing and waiting…

well, Now i do believe its time to go wank as I have got myself a bit flustered hahaha.

Rob, Thankyou so much for letting me enjoy myself so much in one little thong. I hope I can wear a pair in a similar manner again, and perhaps if anyone else reading also loves a dirty smelly pair, they might like one of their own ๐Ÿ˜€

MWAH xxxxx


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