Spit or Swallow?

Well the lovely Mark commented on my scrollbox on the right about things I could blog about and his topic was if i like to spit or swallow.

Now I would never class myself as a porn start but, for some reason, there is just something very hot about sucking cock. Maybe its the power, like having a guy getting hard in my hands and knowing he is mine until he spills his cum.. or maybe its just the fact I love to turn the guy on and bring him pleasure, which in itself gives ME pleasure.

So, for me personally, I would like you lovely gents to sit back in your chair, and get your cock out.. and lets play a little game.. of  ‘ Can Penelope get you hard?’ haha..

I would get down on my knees infront of your legs running my hands up your thighs as you part them slowly for me, I look up at you smiling, my hands running to your crotch area feeling for your hard cock in my hands. I reach for the zip and zip it down biting my lower lip as I know I am about to pleasure you in every way possible. I take your cock out of your boxers, running my finger tips all over your shaft. I lower my lips and slightly graze them all over your cock leaving the head of your cock untouched. My lips place soft kisses all over your Dick, down and around your balls and back up your shaft till I get to the head again. I take your cock in my hands and look up into your eyes. Your looking down at me waiting for me to take it my mouth and I dont keep you waiting 1 second longer. I take the head of your cock in my mouth sucking it slowly before pulling my lips back off your cock  and plunging them all the way down to your balls taking all of you in my mouth… God.. you taste so good..

You begin to grab my hair and encourage my head to suck your cock faster. My fingers expertly run up and down your shaft in time with my mouth as I suck your huge cock.  I pull my lips off your cock and let my tounge glide down the shaft and back up again sucking on the head tasting your pre cum..  You taste salty yet sweet, I smile with your cock in my mouth  and begin to take all of you back in my mouth, sucking you off to oblivion.

Your cock begins to twitch as you moan out my name, You ask me, Where do I want it..

I smile up at you and open my mouth wide ready and wating for you to cum on my tounge..

I wait till all of your cum is on my tonuge and I take your cock back in my mouth sucking it with your sweet jucie still in my mouth before slowly pulling my lips off your cock swalling and looking up at you to show you my now empy mouth..

mm… you taste so good 😛

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